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Key Features:

Sonacart provides all the bells and whistles of a complete shopping cart solution for both digital content as well as physical products

• Unlimited Products and Categories
• Inventory Management
• Automated E-mail Confirmations
• Discounting and Cross-selling Capabilities
• Merchant Account/Gateway Integration
• Real-Time Credit Card Processing
• Customizable Checkout/Shipping Pages
• Sales Reports
• Social Media Connectivity
• Shipping/Taxes Customizable
• Automated Security SSL Secure Socket Layer

Multiple Monetization Methods:

Sonacart lets you sell your product on your own terms...

Subscription-based Services:
• Fee-based services in which price, time periods, and products can be assigned.
• Multiple subscription models can be implemented. (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

• Used in conjunction with Subscription Services or independently.
• Price, titles and time period of viewing can be assigned.

Download Solutions:
• E-books, MP3 audio files, Video files, pdf documents, word documents can be sold via our accelerated download service.

Pre-Paid Cards/Coupons/Gift Card:
• Pre-printed cards with unique random numbers can be utilized to “purchase” products and services through Sonacart.

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